Animal Genetics and nomoypet Reptile Breeding Box

Animal Genetics and Reptile Breeding
Box mainly
focuses on applied basic research and extends to basic research and applied
research. In view of the development trend of scientific research on animal
breeding and genetics, high-tech and conventional technologies are organically
combined, at the level of population, individual, cell and molecule In-depth
study of the main economic traits of agricultural animals genetic rules and
formation mechanism.

Reptile breeding box is widely used in agricultural production and scientific
research in China. Due to the influence of temperature control accuracy and
power, high precision and low power are one of the key research directions. In
this paper, in-depth analysis of constant temperature breeding boxes at home and
abroad, said only sensor testing and SCM control combined. Temperature is an
important factor affecting breeding, too high or too low temperature will affect
the seed germination, resulting in breeding failure, so the high precision
temperature is of great significance.

The research on greenhouse control technology in our country was relatively
late. All of them were imported from western countries before, which is
expensive. Later, on the basis of absorbing the control technology of constant
temperature breeding box in developed countries, our engineers and technicians
mastered the microcomputer control technology in constant temperature breeding
box. This technology is limited to controlling individual environmental factors
such as temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration.

Technically, there are many single-parameter loop systems controlled Reptile Feeding
by single-chip microcomputer and there is no real multi-parameter
control system. Compared with developed countries, there is a big gap between
the thermostat technology of breeding bins in our country and there are many
problems in the breeding process Troubled us.