Wednesday's Dump Chase: We Believe

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Hockey News NotesPredators' top line skating
circles around Blackhawks' top trio Chicago Sun-TimesJOFA line today,
JOFA line tomorrow, JOFA line all the time. No fluke: Predators look better,
more dangerous than Blackhawks - Chicago TribunePresses playNHL playoffs: Maple
Leafs and Predators trending up as conference favorites tumble - CBSSports.comOh
how the mighty fall. Everybody loves an underdog, but how are the Capitals gonna
let Toronto do them like this?Which NHL team facing playoff sweep isn totally
dead? - Yahoo SportsThe Blackhawks have some of the greatest NHL players of all
time, but of all time isn't right now. Right now, the veterans are showing their
age. They're not totally dead...yet. NHL LiveWire: CHI vs. NSH, Gm3 -"They're not dead yet...but they will be." Lavy in the locker room on
some Game of Thrones hype. Study: NHL fans least superstitious fans in pro
but they like to gamble - CBSSports.comWe might be the least superstitious out
of all sports but that doesn't mean some of us still aren't stitious enough to
listen to Run This Town on repeat for eight hours before the game starts. We do
it for the team!Blue Jackets avoid sweep by Penguins with Game 4 win -
NHL.comColumbus...stayin' alive! Despite Zach Werenski having to sacrifice half
his face, the Jackets might still be in this. Rangers hold on to win Game 4,
even series with Canadiens - NHL.comShea Weber doing Shea Weber playoff things
in the east. Rick Nash...being Rick Nash?Expansion Draft will be part of NHL
Awards in Las Vegas - NHL.comSmart move by the NHL. One big event for two events
only half the fans in the NHL would have probably watched to begin with. Just
reel them all in at once.Unlimited overtime in playoff hockey? No big deal NBC
SportsNashville loves high stakes overtime hockey, especially in the wee hours
of the morning, but if it became a habit I think it would lose it's wow factor.

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