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That was what they said but in practice it seems to have been based on
the aborted FIFA Online project and the last couple of pre Frostbite
games still a significant amount of dev time and I sure changes were
made to the engine but it wasn built from the ground up which makes
sense they wanted something they could get out in the Switch launch year
without massive investment in case it went the way of the Wii U.As a
reminder pre patch went something like this. Defenders were nothing more
than slow moving obstacles so if you played attacking tactics you got
murdered on the counter because they couldn move turn or catch anybody.
If you set up defensive they backed all the way to the 6 yard box and
allowed tap ins.

Mr Zaro has 15.8k. This gives me a GRAND TOTAL
of 69.2k which is less than half of this subreddit ALONE. If this place
is as unimportant as you claim it to be why did he introduce himself
here and not just on EA twitter? If Doonan could tweet that there was a
platform specific problem and they were looking into it what stopped him
from creating a stickied thread that could be updated as the situation
progresses while he was on the john to convey the same message.

replaced the national teams with finalists of all competitions since
1960 also including scenarios in 98 99 with fake settings in 1999 2000
based on the previous finals including the 1999 final last minutes.fifa 19 comfort trade
The first two games were published by Eidos Interactive whilst the last
two were published by Take Two Interactive.Sadly the last one was Fifa
14 I believe and have never been able to find a good replacement where I
can watch a football match rather than reading lots of text or watching
highlights knowing the outcome of the match before I start it. Fifa
Manager had that special something that no others had and I miss it