NBA 2K19 MyCareer the create-your-player story mode

The story of NBA 2K19’s MyCareer, the series’ long-running single-player career mode, is about an arrogant athlete who needs to learn some humility. In a way, that tale could serve as an analogy for NBA 2K developer Visual Concepts itself, as far as the game’s career mode and online play are concerned.

MyCareer, the create-your-player story mode, has also improved. The progression system is better, the neighborhood layout is more accessible and diversified, and it doesn’t constantly ask you to dole out money for upgrades. Your player’s storyline is more believable this time around, though it’s still a somewhat underwhelming experience.

One of the core reasons why "The Way Back" succeeds is because the graphical power of NBA 2K19 is insane. This is a gorgeous looking game. As disgusting as it might sound, every sweat drop on a player's brow is a thing of beauty. NBA 2K19 looks so lifelike, especially in the thick of the action, that it's easy to forget you're playing a video game. The players are animated to perfection, moving their faces and bodies just like their real-life counterparts. That fluidity translates rather naturally to gameplay as well since NBA 2K19 controls like a dream as players run up and down the court. Best and Cheapest NBA 2K19 MT For Sale -

MyCareer will also introduce you to a new system called Takeover. When you start filling up the stat sheet in the game, by getting points or steals for example, you’ll begin to build up your Takeover meter. At a certain point you’ll then be able to trigger a Takeover and your player will get a boost in their archetype abilities for a short amount of time – sort of like they’re ‘heating’ up. What I really like about this system is it has this great risk/reward system attached to it. You’re able to push past the initial point of triggering the Takeover, and if you can manage to build up double the meter then you activate the ability for a full team Takeover, where every player on your team will get a boost. However, if you stuff up and do a bad play, like turn over the ball, then you’ll lose all of the meter you’ve gained and have to start from scratch. It’s a neat little way of getting you to decide if you should just trigger the ability or see how far you can push things.

A central hub of sorts was a great idea on paper, and it made too much sense given how communities spring up around courts across the globe. Thankfully, improvements in 2K19 mean navigating it is no longer a chore, and it isn't as bare, with fun mini-games such as dodgeball there to keep things interesting. It's not just small items, either, as it indeed serves as a social hub for friends and others and happens to offer a springboard to the MyTeam mode, which was a nice touch.

Back to 2K and onto the increasingly popular MyTeam. This year we are introduced to new modes such as Triple Threat: a chance to take three of your best players onto a Park equivalent court and compete against the best trios in online or offline play. It is yet another layer of content for a mode that already has hundreds of hours worth of play – hello and welcome back to Domination. Much like any equivalent ultimate team mode, there is a level of grind to it but the rewards doled out already suggest 2K are being more generous in this cycle.